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    Scottoiler Sport

    A full-fledged V-system in a small version.

    For unobtrusive mounting on the vehicle. Find where the standard oil would be too large.


    An automatic chain lubrication system controlled by vacuum.

    The life of the chain is increased by up to 7 times.

    The chain is practically maintenance-free and the maintenance effort is considerably reduced.


    The vSystem is easy to install and can be installed on almost any model.

    The optimized system is suitable both in summer and in winter.

    The small donor unit can be screwed or glued under the swingarm with the Omegahalter.

    Depending on the setting, the storage tank can accommodate up to 800 km. The replenishment process takes a few seconds.

    How does the Scottoiler work?

    The Scottoiler vSystem is under pressure controlled. When the engine is running, a vacuum is generated.

    This lifts a diaphragm, which in turn opens the valve.

    While the valve is opened, the oil flows through the delivery hose to the chain due to the gravity,

    Over the rear sprocket. The oil quantity is regulated by the setting of the valve. It is not a pump.

    Unique innovations

    - the needle valve and the valve seat are now manufactured in even greater precision, which guarantees an even better dosage

    - the needle valve was changed in profile, which results in a uniform change in dosage

    - the delivery hose has been changed, which considerably facilitates deaeration.

    - the RMV is designed in modern smoke gray

    - the protective sleeves of the delivery hose and the ventilation hose are now black and therefore less sensitive

    - a handy refill bottle with 250ml contents is included

    - illustrated instructions for easy mounting

    - Installation instructions according to model as download

    The kit consists of a reservoir with valve (RMV) and an injector which delivers the oil to the chain and the sprocket.

    In addition, a 250 ml bottle of Scottoil is included, sufficient for a distance of up to 10,000 km.

    Also included are various components that allow you to mount the kit in different ways.


    - Extending chain life to 7 times the duration of the function

    - For all types of motorcycles including injectors

    - Increases the power up to 2 KW

    - Maintenance free

    - Easy self-assembly

    - For road and offroad use

    - TÜV approved - Not to be registered

    - 24 months warranty

    - Detailed step-by-step installation instructions