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Product Description

Oxford Snug

Thermal Head & Neck Wear


The Oxford Thermal Camo Neck & Head Snug is part of a new design of Snugs that uses Oxford Polar Fleece for optimal warmth & comfort and FibreTech, a lightweight wind-resistant and breathable hi-tech fabric to shield chosen areas of the face and head. Whether its against the cold, wind or dust; the Snugs seamless construction offers maximum comfort on the most exposed part of the body. The unique design gives the rider four different ways to wear the Snug: as a full face balaclava, an open face balaclava, a face mask or neck scarf. So don't be cold this season!!

Specifications include

  • Multi-Functional Head and Neck Wear
  • New Camo Design
  • Lightweight, quick drying fabric
  • Useful for protecting the ears and neck
  • Breathable properties
  • Wind resistant material
  • Seam-free construction for maximum comfort
  • Unisex, suitable for both men and women
  • One size fits all
  • Ideal for most outdoor activities
  • Multi Purpose use, for example as a
    - Bandana
    - Balaclava
    - Helmet liner
    - Beanie
    - Face Mask
    - Neck Scarf
  • Oxford Polar Fleece Material
  • FibreTech Fabric
  • Hand wash only