• Lextek Harpoon LED Indicators with Driving Lights

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Product Description

Lextek Harpoon LED Indicators with Driving Lights

Lextek are proud to offer high quality, after-market indicators at an incredibly low price. Whether your intention is to add a little styling flair to your ride or increase your visibility, these indicators will exceed your expectations.

These stylish indicators use SMD LEDs which are both smaller and brighter than regular LEDs. Due to the space saved over regular LEDs these indicators include clear driving lights for increased visibility without increasing the size of the indicator assembly.

  • Sold per one pair of indicators.
  • Although these indicators are universal, you may find some modification is required to fit them to your vehicle.
  • With the driving lights connected these indicators must be mounted facing forwards.
  • If your existing indicators use regular bulbs (not LEDs) then you may require either resistors/diodes or a replacement indicator relay to prevent these indicators from flashing too slowly/quickly.
  • These are not suitable for the Pulse Adrenaline Models.