• Lextek Brake Pads FA054 DB250 DP107 SBS536 VD120 VD333

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Product Description

Lextek Brake Pads FA054 DB250 DP107 SBS536 VD120 VD333

Our Lextek brake pads are made from high-quality materials for effective braking and longevity. Our brake pads are guaranteed asbestos free. We have a wide variety of sizes to fit many different models of motorcycle and scooter. Good quality brake pads are essential to stop your motorcycle or scooter when you want it to, they are an item you need to check regularly to ensure they are wearing evenly and are still in tip-top condition. Please refer to your manufacturer's guidelines for minimum brake pad thickness. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in damage to the brake disc and brake calliper that may have catastrophic consequences. They should only be used in conjunction with an OEM specification disc.

Lexmoto Adrenaline 125 EFI [XFLM125GY-2B-E4]   Rear  
Adrenaline 125 [XFLM125GY-2B]   Rear  
FMX 125 [WY125T-108]   Front  
Gladiator 125   Front  
LSM 50 [STR50]   Rear Single Pot Caliper  
LSM 125 [STR125YB]   Rear  
Valiant 125 EFI [XF125R-E4]   Rear